The Netherlands is on track to revive its economy in 2021 following the pandemic. Despite reductions in foreign trade, private consumption and investment, the Dutch economy remains resilient through strong digitalization, quality infrastructure and high living standards.

With world-renowned international companies and a growing number of small and midsize enterprises, the Netherland’s diverse economy is well positioned for tomorrow.

The country’s strong partnership with Japan continues to go from strength to strength and the Netherlands remains highly attractive for Japanese investors.

Hidehisa Horinouchi, Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands | © JAPANESE EMBASSY
Hidehisa Horinouchi, Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands | © JAPANESE EMBASSY

“Approximately 600 Japanese companies are based in the Netherlands,” said H.E. Ambassador Hidehisa Horinouchi. “After Brexit (the ‘British exit’ that saw the U.K. leave the European Union), the number of companies relocating to the Netherlands has been growing and therefore the importance of the Netherlands as a business hub in Europe is increasing.”

The Netherlands and Japan share a close bond in terms of business, culture and people-to-people exchanges.

“People from Japan and the Netherlands share common values and commonalities,” said Hideaki Takase, chairman of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands. “Japan and the Netherlands are small countries and each economy leverages their commercial endeavors. Both our peoples are highly educated and our 400-year history is a factor in keeping our strong relationship moving forward.”

The historical ties between the two countries continue today and culture, trade and food are an important part of the Netherlands-Japan relationship. Today, the Dutch economy is driven by innovative new industries and traditional businesses.

“The Netherlands and Japan have a long-standing relationship during which they have influenced each other in terms of business, people, culture and cuisine,” said Hokkai Suisan owner Marinus Noordenbos. “The Dutch are inspired by Japanese food culture and as a leading supplier of traditionally prepared Japanese fish products since 1993, Hokkai Suisan is proud to share the wonderful flavors of Japanese cuisine with our customers in the Netherlands and across Europe.”

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Insights and analysis on the Netherlands-Japan economic and cultural relationship include comments from Christa de Kemp-Everts, managing director of DUJAT (Dutch and Japanese Trade Federa­­tion); Bart Jan Koopman, director at evofenedex; Akira Havermans, chairman of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan;
Kris Schiermeier, director of the Japan Museum SieboldHuis; Hans Kuijpers, director of  Investment Projects, Americas and NE Asia and Michiel Bakhuizen, strategic advisor and spokesperson for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency; Elise Wessels, director and owner at Nihon no hanga — Japanese Print Collection; and Takeshi Gotoh.