Although the country has long surmounted a protracted economic recession and is expanding its privatization program, Greece still suffers from an image problem. Perhaps still traumatized by the huge fallout from the 2008 financial crisis, some foreign investors remain hesitant to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist across the Greek economy.

Dimitris Tsibanoulis, however, believes that foreign investors should take a closer look at the progress Greece has made and should consider the numerous opportunities available to them. As the head of Tsibanoulis & Partners law firm, the veteran practitioner is ready to provide to interested parties a balanced and thorough assessment of investment opportunities in the country and guide them through the process.

Founded in 1996, Tsibanoulis & Partners has built its expertise on capital markets, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, tax law, real estate and intellectual property, among other fields. The managing partner, who speaks four languages, is also an advisor to the Bank of Greece and has acted as legal adviser to the Cypriot and Albanian governments.

The firm welcomes potential Japanese partners who seek an efficient exchange of knowledge between Greece and Japan and a complete understanding of how the Greek economy and investment landscape work. 

“If we have good, reliable industry people in Japan who are willing to provide such a service or investors who want to expand (their business) in Greece, then we would be very happy to open doors for them,” Tsibanoulis said.