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Fujifilm was known as a major player in the photo business when the Japanese company established a procurement company in Hong Kong in 1996.

Today, having successfully reinvented itself, Fujifilm is recognized for its innovation in a wide array of industries including health care, materials and imaging, in addition to document solutions and services provided by its group company Fujifilm Business Innovation. All of its businesses share unique technologies that are nurtured and evolved in the course of reinvention.

Masahiro Uehara, Managing Director of Fujifilm Hong Kong | © FUJIFILM HONG KONG
Masahiro Uehara, Managing Director of Fujifilm Hong Kong | © FUJIFILM HONG KONG

“The reasons we established a procurement company in Hong Kong 25 years ago hold true today,” explained Masahiro Uehara, managing director of Fujifilm Hong Kong Ltd.

“Our location in Hong Kong enables us to purchase goods and components from mainland China, Taiwan and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) suppliers which we can then deliver to Fujifilm group subsidiaries. This makes our function in Hong Kong unique compared with our other group subsidiaries,” Uehara said.

In addition to its international procurement role, Fujifilm Hong Kong focuses on its business-to-business activities with product groups made up of optical devices, graphics and medical systems.

Fujifilm considers its health care business as one of its important pillars of growth. Most recently, Fujifilm Corp. welcomed Fujifilm Healthcare Corp. into the medical systems business, allowing the group to offer a comprehensive product lineup covering a variety of diagnostic systems and PACS (picture archiving and communication systems). Combining its product lineups enhances its capability to offer a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of clinical settings. In the future, the company will combine these products with Fujifilm’s technological strengths in image processing and artificial intelligence to globally provide even greater value-added solutions centered around medical IT.

“The Fujifilm Group will continue to amass its technologies, products and services to provide extensive solutions of even greater quality, thereby contributing to improving the quality of medical care, and maintaining and promoting people’s health worldwide as well as here in Hong Kong,” Uehara explained.

As for Fujifilm’s 25th anniversary in Hong Kong, Uehara is proud of the company’s achievements and looks forward to the future.

“I fully expect Hong Kong to remain an attractive place to do business and retain its advanced position in the global economy. Hong Kong’s role in the economic growth of the ‘Greater Bay Area’ will encourage more companies to establish themselves in the region and we look forward to seeing greater economic growth for everyone.”