Ian Kennedy, Chair, Japan New Zealand Business Council

“There is a very warm relationship between Japan and New Zealand in the political and business fields and at a grassroots level – we have 47 sister cities and many bilateral friendship associations.

Japanese investors are welcome in New Zealand because experience has shown they are export-orientated, they respect New Zealand management practices, they generate employment and look to contribute to the local economy.”

 Jason Reeves, Head of Export Business Development, Partnership Banking, Bank of New Zealand

“The trade relationship between our two countries is strong and today, our bilateral trade sits at around NZ$9 billion.

“Japan and New Zealand’s trade relationship is highly complementary. Despite the challenges COVID-19 has placed on supply chains, goods exports to Japan for the period January to December 2020 were up 1.7% on the same period in 2019 and at the highest level since 2010.”

Sirma Karapeeva, CEO, Meat Industry Association

“Japan has consistently been one of our top five export markets due to its favorable trading environment and high-value profile which favors chilled quality-beef and sheep cuts. The CPTPP Agreement is of huge value for the industry and tariff reductions mean our products are more competitive in the Japanese market. Our chilled meats are seen as a luxury or high-end product due to their flavor and texture and this resonates within Japan’s cuisine and eating habits.”

Gregg Wafelbakker, General Manager Asia, Tourism New Zealand

“We have a special relationship with Japan based on our shared values. The warm hospitality of Japanese people expressed through omotenashi is similar to manaakitanga, the Maori concept of hospitality and mutual respect.”

Emily Hallams, Executive Director, Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan

“New Zealand is becoming a tech hub for innovation. Some of the most recent trends involving New Zealand and Japan have been in the technology sector, with more and more startups and digital solution companies entering the picture.”

Wayne Percival, CEO, UDC

“Japan has been a long-term investment partner for New Zealand. We continue to see Japanese companies making strategic investments and forging partnerships across New Zealand’s key industries.”

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