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A collaboration of entrepreneurs from two families with a long and distinguished history, Lambay Irish Whiskey has gained the approval of whiskey aficionados around the world less than two years after it was launched.

Conceived by Alexander Baring and Cyril Camus, Lambay Irish Whiskey is sold in 30 countries around the world and has garnered 20 awards so far at various international events, including a bronze medal at the Tokyo Wine & Spirits competition.

Japan’s strong trade links with Ireland, made even closer by the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, allowed Lambay Irish Whiskey Co. to forge a partnership with a local distributor, Toko Trading Co.

“We had the chance to welcome our Japanese guests to Lambay Island last year. We let them know that we were very open to building a relationship with them. Building trust between each other is very important in business. Japanese whiskey drinkers are a good fit for our brand in terms of taste, our brand positioning, our story and authenticity,” said Managing Director Jean-David Costerg, who is aware of Japan’s deep and well-known fondness for whiskey.

“Only this year, Toko Trading Co. bought one of only 20 casks from our exclusive Lambay Single Malt Single Cask Strength program. They hand-selected the whiskey cask on Lambay island. As each cask is different, with its own aromatic concentration and an alcohol by volume of 45-58%, they showed much confidence that there were discerning consumers in Japan seeking a premium and unique tasting Irish whiskey,” he continued.

Lambay Irish Whiskey is set to introduce its fourth addition to its portfolio to Japanese consumers with Malt Irish whiskey.

“It will be the first Irish whiskey in the world that uses blended malt and is finished in a cognac cask. We use at least three single malt distillates from independent distilleries, all selected for their aromatic specificity for our blend. This is truly a display of our expertise in cask blending,” Costerg said.