When it comes to high-quality tankers, Uni-Tankers is one of the most reliable companies in providing such service with a large fleet.

As part of the family-owned USTC Group (United Shipping and Trading Company Ltd.) for approximately 25 years, Uni-Tankers owns 17 oil and chemical tankers, charters another 22 tankers, and has around 85 shore-based personnel employed in the company and close to 400 seafarers.

“Our company offers professional services and solutions to both internal and external customers,” said Per Ekmann, CEO of Uni-Tankers.

As a subsidiary of USTC, Uni-Tankers has access to advanced shipping technologies and specializes in risk management, bunker supplies, door-to-door logistics, shipowning, and financing.

“Fifty percent of our services is focused on transporting chemicals all across the globe while the rest of our services are focused on transporting oils, foodstuff, and biodiesel,” Ekmann said.

“We currently have offices
in Middelfart and Aalborg, which are both located in Denmark, as well as international offices in Turkey, France and the U.S.”

Because of its large-scale operations and high-quality setup, Uni-Tankers provides its services to companies across the globe.

“Uni-Tankers does business with some of the world’s largest companies, including Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Total and BP to name a few,” said Ekmann.

Uni-Tankers has been working closely with Japanese shipowners as part of its strategic efforts to expand its fleet.

“Japan has helped enhance the quality of our company’s products and services. We also share similar values as they are known for their trustworthiness and consistency in their craft,” said Ekmann.

Moving forward, Uni-Tankers is also planning on further collaborating with Japan to look for more sustainable fleet solutions and the way it conducts its operations.

“We are exploring using greener and more durable vessels, and we are looking into Japan as they have the capabilities and technology for this,” said Ekmann. “We are all optimistic and excited about what lies ahead for Uni-Tankers in 2020 and beyond.”