Tessenderlo Kerley Inc., a part of the Tessenderlo Group, is driven by a bold, inspiring vision — to ensure that life on our planet continues to thrive by helping create a world that makes the most of its resources. This vision entails growing more food than ever before, using water as intelligently as possible, tackling the global shortage of natural resources and creating value from bioresiduals.

The company fully understands what is happening around the world and is finding ways to build a business for the future by successfully addressing those issues. To achieve this objective, it realizes that it must do things differently.

Behind everything the Tessenderlo Group does lies a simple philosophy: “Every Molecule Counts.” This tagline defines its unique attitude to sustainability and practical innovation and encompasses the power of an idea or action, however small, to change the world.

In continually striving to find more sustainable solutions, the Tessenderlo Group aims to minimize its ecological footprint while maximizing the contribution of its products toward building a greener economy. It offers various products and environmentally friendly solutions, where in it typically reclaims and transforms byproducts from other industries.

Whether it is in the products and solutions or the way in which they are produced, at the heart of all the businesses of the Tessenderlo Group is its commitment to care for the planet and its resources because every molecule counts.