Having suffered chronic neck problems and other health issues for several years, licensed physical therapist Sharik Peck and his wife Cheryl were on a mission to find an effective and natural cure for chronic pain.

“We could not find the perfect device that could help us and other people feel better. We knew what it needed to do. We just could not find one in existence already. Because of that, approximately six years ago, we began creating our own,” Sharik recalled.

After much research, the couple developed Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro, a handy device that uses resonance to alleviate chronic bodily pain and even stress, anxiety and depression.  It incorporates ancient Eastern Asian medicine principles for acupressure sites, meridians, chakras and gua sha fascia techniques with Western modern scientific frequencies. 

“I came to realize that carefully calibrated vibrations applied to specific areas of the nervous system that enhance vagus nerve tone helps heal individuals from stress, encourages improved recovery and pain disappears,” Sharik said.

This year, the couple wants to market the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro around the world, starting with Japan, where they hope it will become popular because of its shared principles with East Asian and Western medicine.

“We would love to find the right group to work with that recognizes the potential of our simple device to help millions of people, as well as help improve their quality of life as they age,” Cheryl said.