As Nevada prepares to reopen its tourism office in Japan this year after more than a decade of inactivity, several towns and cities across the state are gearing up for an influx of Japanese tourists and investors.

An hour from Las Vegas, the town of Pahrump is becoming a very popular destination for outdoor activity enthusiasts and those looking for a tranquil getaway.

“We like to tout Pahrump as ‘60 miles west and 180 degrees different’ from Las Vegas. As a rural community, visitors who want to venture outside of Las Vegas will get a small-town, rustic feel. That’s why we call ourselves the base camp to adventure,” Pahrump Tourism Director Arlette Ledbetter said.

Pahrump is known for hosting various events throughout the year: its chili cook-offs, an annual hot air balloon festival, jazz concerts in Petrack Park and wine tastings at Pahrump’s many wineries. The town also has an abundance of hotel rooms that cater to every sort of traveler, as well as recreational vehicle sites and all-terrain vehicle trails for road-tripping tourists.

Visitors can also experience seven different ecosystems just an hour away from Pahrump, ranging from Death Valley National Park on one extreme up to Mount Charleston on the other, which has made the town a favorite base camp for adventurers.

Ahead of the opening of the Nevada tourism office in Japan, Pahrump is getting ready to welcome Japanese visitors with open arms and an assurance that they will have a safe, unforgettable adventure in the area.