With more than 610,000 alumni around the world, including 12 alumni chapters in North America alone, Waseda University, the No. 1 private university in Japan, understands the importance and power of networking.

“We know that people network for a variety of reasons: to receive career support, develop business partnerships, get travel tips and gain access to resources, to name a few. These are some of the benefits that a membership in the US-Waseda Friends Network makes possible,” Waseda USA President Masahiko Gemma said.

“We also know that like a living organism, a network isn’t stagnant, but in constant flux, and that with attention and support, membership will increase and network benefits will grow,” Gemma added.

In addition to its many graduates, Waseda recognizes the potential to grow its network through its past exchange students and other study abroad program participants, as well as through their families and friends. The university welcomes all of them to the US-Waseda Friends Network in order to enrich the conditions that promote opportunities.

The US-Waseda Friends Network also sends out a quarterly newsletter and maintains a Facebook page that features Waseda-related news, events, stories from alumni, and more.