K Line Offshore, a subsidiary of the Japanese K Line group, has been a provider of support vessels to the oil and gas industry in both Norwegian and U.K. waters for 10 years.

“Our expertise lies in oil and gas exploration using support vessels with a very good performance,” said Petter Nordby, CEO of K Line Offshore.

A decline in global market oil prices and reduced activities by oil companies that began in 2014 has had a significant impact on the industry and associated companies, resulting in decreased profits.

As oil prices now move back to more stable levels, K Line Offshore is grabbing the opportunity to develop its operations. It aims to be back on track with full growth in 2020.

“There are higher demands for our vessels as the oil and gas markets conti-nue to make progress, and we are confident that this trend will endure in the coming years,” shared Nordby.

K Line Offshore claims its manpower and its high quality customer service are the reasons behind its success.

“Our competitive advantage comes from the solid team we have put together in Norway and our customer service focus, which (has) enabled us to establish strong ties with our clients,” said Nordby. 

Looking confidently to ongoing growth in upcoming years, the company plans on upgrading its fleet and is leaning toward more environmentally friendly and energy-saving options.

“We will be considering new vessels and making our fleet fuel efficient and eco-friendly to match K Line’s values,” added Nordby.

“We are proud of what we have achieved (since arriving) as a newcomer in this market since 2010, and we have the ambition to continue to provide the best service to our esteemed clients,” he concluded.