Admired and respected around the world, Canon is reputable for the development of document and image management technologies, as well as producing a variety of innovative products ranging from cameras, copiers and printers, to optical equipment and professional broadcasting lenses.

Its success allowed the company to continue with its quality products, solutions and services in Brazil for over 45 years, since it started operations in 1974.

Seeing potential in the country, the company invested in a production plant in Manaus in 2012, concentrating on producing digital single-lens reflex cameras, which account for 90 percent of Brazil’s market share.

Since Masaharu “Michael” Choki took leadership as president and CEO of Canon do Brasil in 2019, his vision to transform and sustain the success of the company has involved two main directions: growth and reform.

“The Brazilian market has potential to grow, and we always aim to realize sustainable growth by adapting to changes within the business environment such as market trends, business structures, customer and technology and pursuit reform,” said Choki. 

Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on digital commercial printing, as well as producing high-quality digital interchangeable lens cameras and mirrorless cameras.

One recent company development to expand the consumer experience in Brazil is the Casa Canon, launched last December in São Paulo. Casa Canon is a unique place where customers can have a firsthand look at all Canon products, utilize their photographic studio, enjoy printing services and appreciate art exhibitions.

The space can also be a business hub for customers and resellers and it is integrated with Canon’s own e-commerce where they are working on omnichannel development. Visitors can test the products and shop in the online store at a digital totem available at Casa Canon.

Continuously working toward sustainable growth and contributing to the development of the Brazilian market, Canon do Brasil is planning to create new businesses. “We have a number of ideas for the country as part of our transformation for growth and are looking forward to launching them in the near future,” Choki said.