Tapping into the Chinese beer market has proved successful for Japan’s largest beer producer, the Asahi Group.

With its successful growth strategy in China since 1994, subsidiary company Asahi Beer (China) Investment Co. has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products to beer enthusiasts in China.

In line with China’s increasing number of affluent, young professionals, there is growing demand for premium and specialty beers in China. To meet this growing demand, Asahi Beer (China) Investment Co. has introduced popular products such as Peroni and Grolsch to cater to Chinese and international consumers.

“The Chinese economy and the country’s rapidly developing social environment are good for business,” said Takashi Nishimura, president of Asahi Beer (China) Investment Co.

“The premium beer market and the specialty beer market are both growing segments and we are in a strong position to simultaneously grow our business in China.”

The company acquired shares in Chinese breweries to better serve the local market and has helped advance the country’s beer industry. Today Asahi Beer (China) Investment Co. is focusing on Chinese ‘beer-likers’ and foreigners in the country.

“With more ‘beer-likers’ in China, restaurants and sports bars continue to attract clientele and our products are available to all our customers,” said Nishimura.

Having achieved success in China’s so-called first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, Asahi Beer (China) Investment  Co. is reaching out to China’s untapped second-tier cities.

“We want to reach out to other cities across China as these represent a huge opportunity for us,” said Nishimura. “We recently opened a branch office in Chengdu, a representative office in Wuhan and intend to establish a presence in several key inland cities in the future.”

“As we expand our business we are also driven to create an inspiring and trust-based work environment for our employees. As a Japanese company active in the Chinese market, we recognize the importance of the Japan-China partnership and we look forward to seeing this flourish in the future.”