Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) Co. has become one of the most trusted state-of-the-art precision measurement solutions companies in China.

Founded in Japan in 1934, Mitutoyo Corp. realized the potential of the Chinese market in the 1960s. Continuous growth led to the company establishing its own directly-managed operations in Shanghai in 2001. 

“China has had a huge impact on our global business due to the sheer size of the market,” said Yukihiro Sakata, director general manager. “Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) Co. is committed to delivering the highest-quality products to customers across China.”

Today the company focuses on the sales and service of precision measuring instruments and serves clients from a range of industries including automotive and information device manufacturing.

While the second half of 2018 saw slower growth in the automotive sector and other key industries in China, Sakata is confident that China’s automotive industry will recover in 2020.

“Expected growth in China’s automotive sector, due to increased demand for electric vehicles, will put us in a strong position to meet demand and win new clients,” shared Sakata.

Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) Co. expects to continue to play a significant role in Mitutoyo Corp.’s global business.

“While China is known for its ability to mass-produce goods, Chinese companies are continuously improving their production quality,” said Sakata. “This is where our opportunity lies; to better serve clients as they improve their manufacturing standards and require our high-quality products and services. China’s ‘Made in China 2025’ policy will also provide opportunities for us as it drives exports from China to international markets.”

Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) Co.’s talented workforce remains at the heart of the company’s success and employee retention remains high.

“We believe our employees directly influence our company’s ability to serve clients and grow,” stated Sakata.

In addition to investing in advanced employee training programs in China, the company organizes training for its employees at Mitutoyo Corp.’s headquarters in Japan.

“As we look forward, my responsibility will be to ensure the continued success of our business in China and prioritize the welfare of our highly valued and dedicated employees,” concluded Sakata.