Universidad Central de Ecuador in Quito is the largest university in the country and one of the oldest in the Americas. Headed by Fernando Sempertegui, the university is particularly proud of its excellent research and innovation abilities and wants to forge partnerships with Japanese counterparts to maintain its excellent standing.

“We would be happy to strengthen collaborations with Japanese universities and companies in research and innovation,” Sempertegui said.

UCE has excelled in robotics to develop devices for the disabled, cancer research and agriculture. Because of that reputation, Kyoto Kagaku Corp., through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, donated more than $500,000 worth of equipment to its Medical Robotics Simulation Clinic, ranked No. 4 among robotic clinics in Latin America.

UCE’s ties to Japan do not end there. To commemorate the visit of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi to Ecuador in 1918, who pioneered studies on yellow fever and other infectious diseases, the Faculty of Medical Sciences organized an international symposium named after the Japanese scientist.

The event highlighted many advances in medical science and also strengthened ties between the two countries. UCE hopes to build more partnerships with Japan because of its readiness to share its resources and expertise.