Starting its business in 2018 producing chocolate tablets, Taiga Chocolate Oy evolved into a company that focuses on the production of a line of uniquely flavored dark chocolates, such as lingonberry, bilberry and sea buckthorn to cater to the growing demand of international consumers.

“Our vision is to allow the foreign market to enjoy Taiga Chocolates and take a piece of Finnish happiness with them,” said Mirja Palola, CEO of Taiga Chocolate Oy.

Due to its success, the company eventually received its first award at the Natural & Organic Awards Asia 2018 in Hong Kong for its line of dried fish dark chocolates.

“We were delighted to see Taiga’s Dark Chocolate with Smelt Fish win first prize for Outstanding Natural/Organic Product,” said Palola.

This year, the company received its second award in time for its first anniversary, as it bagged the top spot in the confectionery category of the Speciality & Fine Food Asia 2019 trade fair held in Singapore.

Taiga Chocolates are currently available in Finland and Hong Kong. Taiga Chocolates has also been available in Singapore since late September via RedMart. The company also plans to export its products to Japan in the near future.

“We are excited to introduce the wild and tasty combinations of Arctic flavours to Japan as we welcome partnerships with various Japanese distributors,” concluded Palola.