Fortaco Group, the leading strategic partner to the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries, is giving new meaning to excellence.

Benchmarked to the automotive industry and its quality standards, Fortaco Group has become a trusted tier 0.5 partner offering technology, vehicle cabins, steel fabrications and vehicle assemblies to industry leaders such as Komatsu Group, Hitachi Construction Machinery,
Cargotec and Sandvik.

“Close to 20 percent of Fortaco Group’s turnover comes from our business with Japanese customers,” said Lars Hellberg, president and CEO of the company.

Hellberg has practiced the value of paying close attention to details and giving the best service to clients through his many years of working with the Japanese automotive industry.

“Japanese companies have enormous engagement with their people. I try to build these values into Fortaco Group’s cultural DNA.”

What makes Fortaco Group different from other companies is that it oversees the entire process, from conceptualization up to the manufacturing of its products.

“It is important for us to be part of the conceptual phase so we can support the design and development of their products,” said Hellberg.

The company has adapted Toyota Motor Corp.’s people approach and production system.

“We are dedicated to work the Toyota way — by continuously making improvements on our products and respecting the people in our field,” shared Hellberg.

Fortaco Group also places importance on using technological advancements to give the best possible products and services to its customers.

“Beyond manufacturing, we work with our customers on the technological aspect to improve their products — for example, we help decrease weight, measure data, work on digitalization, develop algorithms and use these to improve the overall design of their machines,” Hellberg explained.

Aside from focusing on its clients and its products, Fortaco Group aims to further strengthen its ties with Japan.

“We really enjoy working with our Japanese customers. Once you gain their trust and respect, they become your long-term strategic partners focused on ensuring continuous improvement,” he said.

“By giving our clients respect, simplicity and fast service, we would be able to help them in finding the right solutions for their businesses,” Hellberg concluded.