Selling to more than 90 countries and looking after 2,000 hectares of vineyards, Luis Felipe Edwards Jr. made his father’s company into Chile’s third-largest exporter of wine both in terms of value and volume.

Luis Felipe Edwards, who started the family-run business 19 years ago, has seen the company grow by 50 percent because of wise investments in how their grapes are grown and how their soil is tended.

“We believe that quality comes from the fruit, not necessarily from wine making. Even if you were a fantastic chef and had a bad piece of meat, you might be able to improve it through cooking, but not by much,” Edwards explained.

He stressed that good viticulture is about controlling cultivation, harvest quality and eventually, cost.

This approach has yielded positive results and has attracted business from some of the wine world’s most important markets, including Japan.

Edwards is very grateful for the long-standing partnership with Mitsubishi Shokuhin, part of Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi group, and believes that his company will grow stronger because of it.