Mitsubishi Corp. has grown with Chile since the 1950s and seen its remarkable growth, as well as the country’s strength to overcome tough times.

Despite the current unrest in the country, the company is unwavering in its dedication to work with Chile through and through.

Mitsubishi’s activities in Chile began with trading. Several years passed since the Japanese giant ventured into mining through investments in three copper projects and an iron ore project in the country, which is now the company’s second-largest recipient of investment next to Australia.

Mitsubishi Chile Ltda. President Tadashi Omatoi has shared his plans to shift the company’s growth model because of the promising prospects presented by the Chilean economy.

“Our traditional model has been to export low-cost  natural resources from Chile to Japan. Now, we are looking at Chile as a market as well,” he said.

With the development plans ready, Omatoi believes that Mitsubishi will continue to innovate because of its commitment to grow with the region and adapt accordingly.

“We consider Chile, though its market alone is not significant in size, as an entry point from where we can expand to other countries. We consider that it is easier to get a new business started in this country,” he said.