Chile has always valued the geography and topography that has allowed it to build a healthy and robust agriculture sector. Because of that natural advantage, agriculture has remained one of the country’s economic pillars, consistently among the top three contributors to the economy.

In the early 2000s, the country embarked on a program to become one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products and food. Although it faces difficult challenges, such as water supply, the sector has worked collectively to raise the quality of their products and increase their share in overseas markets.

Because product quality is vital for Chile to achieve its goal, especially in markets like Japan, Anasac provides vital support to the country’s farmers and growers through its crop protection solutions.

“Japan is the type of market that expects only the highest quality of food and our country’s producers and exporters are up to that challenge. We help these agri-food players achieve that by providing the seeds and crop protection they need,” CEO Mario Lara said.

Anasac has partnerships with at least 20 Japanese companies in its agrochemicals and seed business segments.

“Japan is a priority partner for us. We want to be part of the innovation they can provide to us as a crop protection company. The Japanese are known to continuously develop new technologies across industries, and they have also established their leadership in developing the crop protection industry,” Lara said.

“As the Japanese look to Latin America for a stable supply of quality food, Chile is well positioned to be a reliable partner. And within Chile, we at Anasac extend our invitation to work together,” he added.

Backed by more than 70 years of experience, Anasac provides partners with healthy access to the Latin American market. The company has full operations in Argentina, Peru and Colombia and exports all of its products across the rest of the region.

“We started building this regional presence since the 1990s. Among our priorities in the coming years is to further strengthen this network,” Lara said.

While Anasac has built a large market share in Chile, it is also committed to significantly increase its market position in Peru, Argentina and Colombia.