Recognizing long-term prospects in Peru, two Japanese global giants — Komatsu Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. Ltd. — formed a partnership to offer heavy machinery and services to the mining and construction industries in the country.

Overseen by its headquarters in neighboring Chile, Komatsu Mitsui Maquinarias Peru (KMMP) boasts 2,000 employees, has 14 offices and provides technical support to 12 mining operations in the country.

KMMP CEO Takaaki Kitabayashi attributes the company’s strong performance in the country to its exercise of the Japanese work ethic and its efforts to preserve the local environment. It also confirmed its intention to investing more in the country by setting up production facilities in Ica and Huancayo, which will subsequently increase productivity.

“Our plans are on-track. We have to look for more opportunities in this process, which will be through application of data processing and artificial intelligence,” he said.

Kitabayashi believes KMMP will experience continued success in the country because of its policy of giving back to the host country and contributing to its economic development.

“We are proud that we are contributing to the Peruvian economy by showing that we care about safety of the environment and its social institutions,” he said.

In line with that policy, KMMP’s corporate social responsibility programs in Peru are mostly focused on education and social justice.

Apart from providing technical training to prospective employees, the company also supports local communities by trading with them and providing skills and management training.