Driven by its vision to extend its presence outside Japan, Dydo Group Holdings Inc. continues to produce high-quality products for the Turkish market.

Dydo has seen a promising future with Turkey and its neighboring countries, which led to the acquisition of the beverage arm of Turkish company, Yildiz Holding in 2016.

“The timing was perfect for both Dydo and Yildiz, as they wanted to focus on developing their chocolate and confectionery sectors while we looked into the expansion of our global reach in the beverage industry,” said Tadashi Sakashita, president and CEO of Dydo Drinco Turkey.

“Seeing the potential of Turkey’s domestic market and its surrounding regions, we decided to explore the possibility of doing business in the country.”

Through research and development, Dydo was able to introduce its Maltana line of malt-based drinks.

“Our new Maltana line of beverages has been well received in Turkey, as well as in other Islamic countries in the Middle East,” Sakashita said.

Despite going through some difficulties, Dydo managed to recover through its investments.

“2016 proved to be a tough year for us, but through good investments, our revenue has doubled in growth,” Sakashita said.

Dydo aspires to look for something new to offer its consumers, which is why the company is allocating most of its efforts toward research and development.

“We will continue investing in R&D to give our customers better and more exciting products in the future,” Sakashita said.

Looking into the company’s future development, the group plans to focus on the expansion of its exports this year.

“As we introduce our goods to more countries outside Turkey, we would be able
to gain more stability and ensure our clients are given the best products available to the market,” Sakashita concluded.