Founded in the 1980s with the initiatives of Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding has been active in 7 sectors, adopting the principle of adding value to people’s lives in every region and geography of its activity.

Çalık Holding has accomplished collaborations and joint projects across numerous regions around the world with Japanese companies thanks to the solid ties it has established for over 30 years. Some of its most notable partnerships include Mi­tsubishi Corporation, which dates back to the 1990s, and the Japanese technologies giant, Secom. 

“We have maintained a very strong business relationship with the Japanese companies for over three decades. Our relationships are built upon mutual respect and understanding,” said Ahmet Çalık, Chairman of Çalık Holding.

Çalık Holding is the first company in Turkey that became a member of Keidanren and this year Ahmet Çalık was honored with the ‘Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon’ by the Emperor of Japan.

Recently, Çalık Holding was invited by Japan to attend the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) as part of the Turkish delegation.

At the Conference, Ahmet Çalık said, “TICAD7 was a great event for the company to envision new opportunities in Africa as we develop new projects that are currently in the pipeline as part of our expansion strategy”, and added, “We are currently considering new projects where we will offer integrated solutions in Africa together with the Japanese companies in the upcoming period. Our top priority has always been to offer added value for people’s lives and to ease their lives.

Looking towards the future of the Group, Çalık said “Digitalization is our top priority in the near term. We are undertaking digitalization processes both for the entire group-wide operations, and we are also providing digitalization-oriented services in various fields.”

Ahmet Çalık further said, “Japanese companies have a very significant place in the world in terms of technology and digitalization, whereas we have strong market ties across several geographies and qualified human resources. We will develop new business opportunities in the upcoming period by consolidating our strengths. Our capability to jointly do sustainable business as Çalık Group with the Japanese companies is also acknowledged as an added value and an assurance by our customers of different geographies and fields.”