For over 36 years, Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s commitment to the country and its people has driven the company’s business growth, both in terms of sales and the scale of Honda’s operations in Thailand.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has two assembly plants in Thailand, one in Ayutthaya province and a second that opened in Prachinburi province in 2016. Together, they produce a full range of models for the Thai market, building over 227,000 vehicles annually, with more than 50 percent exported to 72 countries. A highly skilled and trained Thai workforce of over 7,000 colleagues dedicated to making quality products is the key to the company’s success.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. also attributes its growth to the Thai government’s strong support and close relationships with its business partners.

With an eye to the future, Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is working to fulfill Honda’s Global 2030 Vision of serving people with the joy of expanding their life’s potential. This includes greater inter-regional coordination and collaboration, strengthening the foundation of Honda’s existing businesses and collaboration for open innovation with third parties.

“We attract customers in Thailand by offering a diverse range of models that correspond to their needs and lifestyles,” said Soichiro Takahashi, president and CEO of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “Our product development focuses on three areas. The first is performance, with engines that deliver the best performance for a fun-to-drive experience. Next is safety technology, with innovative safety features such as Honda SENSING. Our third area of focus is environmental, designing vehicles that offer efficient fuel consumption with lower carbon dioxide emissions.”

The company’s dealer network has 227 locations covering all areas of Thailand. Every Honda dealer maximizes customer satisfaction through a range of integrated services, including sales, parts and service, 24-hour roadside assistance, financing and leasing, insurance and certified used cars.

Thai motorists are following the global trend of buying more eco-friendly vehicles. Earlier this year, Honda launched the 10th generation of the all-new Honda Accord and the all-new Honda Accord Hybrid, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback with almost 5,000 bookings. The Honda Accord sedan has long been recognized in Thailand as a leader in bringing innovative automotive and safety technologies to the market. With several models in all market segments to fully cover customer needs, Honda expects its total unit sales for 2019 to reach 130,000, the same as last year.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is very committed to giving back to society. In 2012, the company established the Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund. A small portion of the revenue from each Honda product sold in Thailand goes into the fund, which is then used for good causes that benefit Thai society. The fund has contributed to relief efforts for floods, landslides, severely cold temperatures and droughts. The fund undertakes activities in four major areas that are beneficial for people affected by natural disasters, including providing funds contributing materials, building a collaborative network and enhancing knowledge for responding to natural disasters. Over the past seven years, the fund has provided over 237 million Thai baht in support of people and communities in Thailand.

In terms of creativity, the annual Honda Super Idea Contest motivates Thailand’s youth to develop innovative ideas, and the company’s Inspirational Teachers Award is driving educational initiatives across the country.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. sees great potential for its business here. “Thailand will always be important to Honda, both as a market and an excellent location for investing in our business operations. We will continue to move forward and grow side-by-side with Thai society by providing quality automobiles that exceed customer expectations and offer a fun driving experience,” concluded Takahashi.