Connectivity is driving the global economy. With over 700 offices in almost 30 countries, Hitachi Transport System Group delivers logistics solutions to customers around the world.

Southeast Asia is an increasingly important economic region in which customers demand advanced technology-driven solutions and quality services.

Established in April 1989, Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand), Ltd. supports domestic and cross-border supply chains. The company specializes in third-party logistics (contract logistics), freight-forwarding, heavy transportation, warehousing and distribution in addition to logistics consultancy services.

“We focus on quality and safety and exceed expectations by tailoring our solutions to address the challenges our customers face,” said Mitsushika Nagano, managing director of Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand).

“We always find a solution, and by minimizing disruptions we are able to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

While Japanese enterprises in Thailand currently account for 90 percent of the company’s client base, Nagano is reaching out to the local Thai business community in order to expand and diversify.

“We have a strong connection with Thailand and the business community here,” said Nagano. “Our 2,500 dedicated employees are working closely with our existing and new customers to form a united approach to doing business together.”

Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand), Ltd.  is actively supporting Thailand 4.0, the country’s value-added technology and manufacturing initiative. The launch of its live-tracking system will enable companies to locate and reserve vehicles and reduce the number of empty trucks on Thai roads.

“Only around 50 percent of trucks on Thai roads are carrying goods,” said Nagano. “Once drivers have completed a delivery, our live-tracking system will connect customers with those empty trucks that can then deliver their goods at a reasonable price.”

“Our ability to innovate enables us to deliver quality services, increase efficiency and stay competitive. We will continue to provide solutions to our customers in Thailand and strengthen our close ties to the country.”