With 27 years of history in the production and distribution of vitamins, medicines, veterinary drugs and dental care products, Magnum is indisputably the leader of the pharmaceutical pack in Estonia and in the neighboring Baltic states. The company attributes its success to the constant drive to improve its production facilities and distribution systems.

“This drive for innovation is something that gives us the advantage when we compare ourselves to competitors,” said CEO Ahti Kallikorm.

At the heart of Magnum’s reputation as a pioneer is RÕÕM, which means “joy” in English. Developed as a solution to seasonal affective disorder, which accompanies Estonia’s long winters and short summers, the brand is made up of 21 products formulated by expert Estonian pharmacists who considered Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and national nutrition studies.

By incorporating local botanical ingredients used in Estonian naturopathy and folk medicine, RÕÕM has become one of the country’s best-selling supplements. Backed by intensive research and positive reviews, Magnum is ready to take the brand around the world, especially Japan.

“We sell our vitamins in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. So, why not Japan? Our products are at an upper level in quality, which makes them ideal for the Japanese market. And Magnum, we are also a business partner for exports to Estonia,” Kallikorm said.

As Magnum widens its coverage and product lines, the company is well positioned to become the bridge of the pharmaceutical industry between Japan and the Baltic states.

Information about its line of products and opportunities for collaboration is available at:
www.roomuvitamiinid.ee and magnum.ee.