Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has become a global leader in e-governance because it nurtures an ecosystem that encourages and inspires researchers and students to collaborate on developing solutions to important issues related to cybersecurity, digital governance and smart environments.

Confirming its status as cybersecurity pioneers, TalTech works closely with NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence. With its proven track record in information technology, TalTech makes sure its research is future-oriented and global and will help improve societies everywhere, from Tallinn to Osaka.

As part of their dedication to advance the digitalization of society, researchers at TalTech built the first global center of excellence for the development of cross-border smart cities, a project that received €32 million in funding from the European Commission.

With TalTech’s DigiGovLab, the center aims to speed up the development of smart cities around the world, while generating opportunities for collaboration between the university and industry.

Because mobility solutions are vital components of any smart city, students and researchers in TalTech developed a prototype of an autonomous vehicle, Iseauto. Earlier this year, the school started working with Florida Polytechnic University to build its own self-driving vehicles that will travel around the campus and lightly used roads.

TalTech built those successful solutions thanks to, with the cooperation of Ericsson, the installation of a unique 5G network around its campus.

With more than 10,000 students, both from Estonia and abroad, and over 1,000 academic staff, TalTech has attracted the attention of the world for its courses in business and science, technology, engineering and mathematics.