Japanese and German consumers both attach great importance to quality, reliability and top-notch performance. Nikon Corp. of Japan specializes in precision optics and imaging solutions, and the company’s products are well received in the German market. Nikon GmbH, with its regional headquarters in Duesseldorf, is a leading provider of image capture devices ranging from digital cameras and lenses to advanced microscope solutions.

“We are active in very competitive markets in which the technology is constantly evolving,” said Lukas Jufer, president of Nikon GmbH. “While Nikon remains at the forefront of imaging technology, we believe that our greatest strength lies in our ability to both listen to our customers and remain true to the essence of photography and scientific imaging.”

Last autumn, Nikon introduced the new and long-awaited mirrorless full-frame Z-mount system. To do so, the company reimagined what a mirrorless camera can do to provide optimum optical performance within a compact body. In recognition of their technical capabilities and their usability, the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless camera models have earned the highest scores from some of Germany’s leading test organizations such as Stiftung Warentest.

“Our new Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras have inherited the full Nikon tradition of quality, superior imaging technology, ergonomics and high reliability,” Jufer explained.

“Our passion for light drives us to master every aspect of capturing and guiding it,” Jufer continued. “We are unique at Nikon in manufacturing our own glass for our lenses. We also have some of the strictest quality controls in our industry. Only with this total focus and commitment can we harness light and its endless possibilities, and create the tools that photographers and researchers demand and rightly expect from us.”

Nikon Germany has established a strong community of users who appreciate and remain loyal to the Nikon brand. The company operates a Nikon School to educate and instruct photographers, and holds regular workshops, photo walks and events. A select corps of Nikon ambassadors also share their techniques and ideas to help customers further grow and refine their photography skills.

While Nikon is best known for its cameras and lenses, more than half of the company’s global business consists of providing precision optics solutions such as flat-panel displays and semiconductor lithography, along with measuring and microscope systems that are used in various fields such as the electronics, automotive and health care sectors.

“Light is all around us and at the origin of everything,” Lukas Jufer said. “And as our society continues to undergo major transformations in technology, Nikon strives to provide the ‘eyes’
that will be needed by industries and individuals alike. In doing so, Nikon is truly unlocking the future with the power of light.”