Headquartered in Duesseldorf, Fujitsu General (Euro), a European subsidiary of Japanese parent company Fujitsu General Ltd., is responsible for marketing the company’s air conditioning technology and heat pumps to all of the countries in Europe and Russia.

The company delivers swift and expert services and provides innovative products and systems designed to suit architectural requirements and meet environmental regulations in all of its territory.

Fujitsu General (Euro) established the company’s first European Research and Development Center in 2017. The center delivers product solutions to customers across Europe, a market noted for strict environmental regulations.

“Since we opened the Research and Development Center our engineering team has doubled in size and is committed to developing unique environmentally friendly products,” said Takashi Harada, Fujitsu General (Euro) managing director.

In Europe, Fujitsu General’s J-IIIL unit is proving popular for both residential and commercial use. The unit is equipped with many environmentally friendly technologies. The easy-to-install unit has high-energy efficiency levels, and its small size and reduced sound output makes the J-IIIL unit suitable for Europe’s densely populated urban areas.

“Each country has different environmental requirements,” said Harada. “Our challenge is to understand these differences in order to better serve our clients and maximize the efficiency of our products to reduce environmental impact.”

“We have built strong relationships with our distributors and each one has a deep understanding of the country in which they operate,” said Harada.

“As we build on our successes, we believe our new showroom and training center in Duesseldorf will enable us to better serve our distributors, partners and clients.”