Duesseldorf has successfully attracted Japanese companies for over 60 years and today is home to more than 400 Japanese companies within the city boundaries and more than 600 in the region. The Office of Economic Development is continuing to actively strengthen the city’s ties to Japan. The office supports Japanese companies doing business in the region and continues to invite companies from Japan to Duesseldorf.

“Japanese executives appreciate Duesseldorf’s location in the heart of Europe that provides access to the largest B2B market on the continent,” said Annette Klerks, head of department, International Business Services. “The Japanese community in Duesseldorf and the people of Duesseldorf continue to hold their long-term relationship in the highest regard.”

The office’s Japan Desk provides a range of services for Japanese companies establishing, relocating or investing in the North Rhine-Westphalia capital and works closely with Japanese organizations.

“We continuously support bilateral exchanges, existing partnerships and new ventures between Duesseldorf and Japan,” said Benjamin Leonhardt, senior project manager, Japan Desk. “We help businesses forge new partnerships, facilitate the incubation of startup companies and understand that while building relationships in Japan is a long-term commitment, the results can be hugely rewarding.”

Today, Duesseldorf is evolving into an innovation-driven technology hub.

“Innovation is at an all-time-high and in recent years we have successfully developed a ‘startup’ business environment,” said Sabine Heber, senior project manager of the Japan Desk. “With the city’s economic and industrial heritage, we are in a strong position to balance our traditional economy and way of doing business with today’s cutting-edge developments being driven by the ‘startup’ culture.”

“Duesseldorf and Japan will strengthen their
ties in the coming years,” said Klerks. “Our close friendship and trusted partnership will facilitate successful business and enable us to continue to exchange ideas.”