With evermore requirements and applications for lithium ion (li-ion) battery cells (and packs), manufacturing production capacity is set to grow to meet the expected demand of 600 GWh by 2025. We are seeing battery cell usage move from traditional portable consumer electronic devices toward electric transportation vehicles and large-scale energy storage solutions. With a societal shift underway, countries are looking to create energy more sustainably through solar, wind and hydro and then develop more dependable ways to store, transport and use the energy these processes create.

Hitachi High-Technologies is listed and consolidated under the Hitachi company and is creating a future energy world on the foundation of technology and innovation. As a global leading provider of li-ion batteries and electronic materials solutions, Hitachi’s innovation and excellence in the form of measuring, viewing and analyzing equipment can help support this global shift.

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe (HTE) is able to support li-ion manufacturing across the areas of research and development, failure analysis and quality assurance and environmental equipment with a wide range of technologies that improve electrochemical performance and production capabilities.

“From calendaring, stacking and electrode cutting to assembly machines, we focus on providing high-quality systems and bespoke solutions to enhance mass production processes. Our N-methylpyrrolidone recovery and dehumidifiers systems are critical for making suitably safe environments for battery manufacturing,” commented Jonathan Richards, European marketing manager for HTE. “When we add our electron and atomic force microscopes and metal contaminant analyzers into this manufacturing equation, HTE becomes a truly unique supplier that can support everything from the development of evermore sophisticated battery materials to delivering enhancements to maximize productivity.”

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