The Philippine economy continues to attract Japanese investors. Recognizing the distinct requirements of the Japanese business community, BDO Unibank Inc. serves both corporate and retail clients through its Japan Desk which is the largest among Philippine banks. BDO Unibank provides products and services to Japanese enterprises operating in the Philippines currently estimated at 1,500.

BDO Unibank’s Japan Desk has native Japanese language speaking officers. In addition to its two Corporate Desks, BDO Unibank is the only Philippine bank whose Japan Retail Desk includes a dedicated help desk.

BDO Unibank has partnered with Japanese regional banks and financial institutions. Select partner banks have seconded officers to assist in the development of their clients operating in the Philippines. BDO Unibank’s liaison office in Tokyo coordinates with its partner banks and manages inquiries.

BDO Unibank’s extensive branch network, which includes a presence in industrial zones, ATMs and cash deposit machines benefit Japanese investors across the Philippines.

“We understand the needs of foreign investors and through our comprehensive range of products and services we assist investors and help generate a stress-free business environment for them,” said Edward G. Wenceslao, BDO Unibank senior vice president and head of international desks.

The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry recently disclosed that $1.24 billion worth of investment and expansion of existing projects by Japanese companies is expected to pour into the country’s manufacturing, agriculture, retail, real-estate, automotive and education sectors. This will provide BDO Unibank with opportunities to deliver more banking solutions to investors from Japan.

“In the Philippines, and across the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, we are constantly finding ways to improve our services and capabilities to give the foreign investment community a better banking experience,” said BDO Unibank Chairperson Teresita Sy-Coson. “We fully recognize their importance in strengthening the economy.”

BDO Unibank also has dedicated Europe, North America, China, Taiwan, Korea and ASEAN desks managed by a multilingual team. BDO Unibank’s representative offices in Beijing, Taipei and Seoul continue to assist clients as they invest in the Philippines.