In the town of Lesmo, just outside Milan, Yamaha Corp. operates within a single compound that covers all the businesses it conducts in Europe — Yamaha Motor Europe, Yamaha Research and Development center, Yamaha Motor Racing and Yamaha Music.

Yamaha Motor Europe Country Head for Italy Andrea Colombi is proud of the unique setup and excellent synergy that exists within the complex. Reflective of its “Two Yamahas, One Passion” slogan, the location serves not just as an office, but also as a space where employees collaborate with the musicians and athletes the company has partnered with.

Despite the recent economic turmoil, Europe maintained its role as a tastemaker in the world of design. And Yamaha Motor Europe is capitalizing on its location in Italy, where it has built a global reputation in design, the arts, culture and motorsports.

“While the numbers may come from other regions, Europe and Italy are interesting markets. We have been developing products in our centers that eventually become available worldwide,” Colombi said.

Dealing with the fast-evolving demands in the field of mobility, Yamaha Motor Europe believes in the customer-driven direction of the company, which is always ready to provide new solutions, on any number of wheels, for any road surface. This focus on innovation and customer service is what will build the company’s extensive fan base.

“Yamaha is a leader in mobility and we have all the weapons in our line-up. While we have the best products, in the end, it’s the people that make the real difference,” Colombi said.

In the years to come, Yamaha’s compound in Lesmo will become a center that celebrates Italian and Japanese design, with their differing sensibilities, but shared passion for excellence.