Established in 1965, MBC is an international business law firm based in Milan comprising a multidisciplinary practice of lawyers and tax accountants, with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. Its clients are fast-growing and several are leaders in their industry sectors.

With established relationships with selected law firms in important business centers across the United States, Europe and Asia, MBC provides clients with a combination of in-depth local knowledge and a unique global perspective.

In 2005, MBC started offering comprehensive international M&A services to clients when it invited Julian Berger, a corporate law practitioner with wide experience in top-tier international firms, to join the firm as partner.

“It was when Julian joined the firm that our international and M&A segments grew very fast. We built our connections with law firms in England, Germany, France, the USA and China, which consolidated our international profile,” Partner Luca Masotti said.

“Then, when corporate and commercial lawyer Mascia Cassella joined us, we developed new areas of business — from compliance to safety and security, restructuring, privacy and anything to do with the energy field. We believe in a process of growth and to fight through any struggle,” he added.

Today, MBC is developing new practices for the international market.

“We currently work a lot in life science and hospitals in East Asia, including China. We also work with a very wide range of industries, from manufacturing and energy to fabric and plastics,” Cassella said.

“Given our areas of competencies, we would like to make connections in Japan and work with an independent law firm that is team-oriented and committed to clients with a strong sense of partnership,” she added.

MBC is proud of the confidence it has built with its clients and the successes it achieved for them because of its extensive network and expertise.

“We accept work in areas that we are confident in. One-hundred percent compliance is our policy. Whatever deal comes our way, one of our four partners will always be sitting at the table next to the client. That’s our real priority; not to do the deal, but to keep the client,” Masotti said.