In today’s global market, companies must be able to respond faster and more effectively to constantly changing conditions. And for companies with overseas operations, like Japanese firms in the United States or American companies in Japan, the need for rapid action causes another challenge.

Often, those companies find out that their management strategies and the company culture, while effective back home, have not produced the same level of success outside the country. While they continue to globalize and recognize the critical importance of localizing their organization and work culture, they lack the expertise internally to achieve successful results.

“Many companies underestimate the challenge of working across different cultures and motivating people. These things do not organically happen. Leaders need to be strategic and intentional,” said Michiki Morgan Worldwide CEO Nozomi Morgan, whose firm works with executives to communicate more effectively with local employees to reduce friction caused by cultural differences.

“Companies are people. If those people can’t collaborate and work effectively with each other, then your ability to grow as a company is limited,” Morgan said.

Michiki Morgan Worldwide has built an impressive portfolio of industry–leading clients.

“The market is unforgiving today. When your company operates in multiple countries with a diverse workforce and customers, the ability to work seamlessly is no longer an option. If you don’t respond quickly and efficiently, you’ll be left behind,”  said Morgan, who regularly travels between Japan and the United States to provide strategic consulting to the heads of multinational companies.