Located just 40 minutes from one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Lincoln County in North Carolina is among those low-profile investment areas across the United States that are becoming more visible in highlighting their advantages.

“Our proximity to Charlotte and Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of our key strengths. We also have a low cost of doing business, a skilled workforce and an attractive quality of life. Lincoln County is just as fun as any big city, but without the traffic and expenses,” Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) Executive Director Cliff Brumfield said.

Because of its small size, Lincoln County is able to address the needs of companies quickly and efficiently. It also formed the Industrial Managers Association to lend additional support to existing industries and foster good working relationships. 

Among its most significant achievements was persuading Cataler North America to set up operations in the county. In 2017, LEDA gave the Industry of the Year Award to Cataler for its contributions to the community.

“Cataler really sets the bar for corporate citizenship. It’s overwhelming to see how much it has invested in this community. Nothing goes beyond what Cataler has done for Lincoln County,” he said.

Thankful for Cataler’s presence, Lincoln County hope to attract more Japanese companies to the area. 

“Japanese companies are dedicated to be active members in their community. We would be happy to foster more relationships with them,” Brumfield also said.