A supplier of automotive giants such as Toyota, GM and Subaru, Cataler North America Corp. (CNA) is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive exhaust catalysts. These state-of-the-art catalysts clean automotive exhaust and, as a result, reduce toxic substances in the air that millions of Americans breathe.

“Our catalysts are able to turn harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, into harmless ones, like clean water or air. Through this purification process, CNA contributes a great deal to the preservation of the global environment,” President Nakaba Tamura said.

While it is dedicated to constant innovation, CNA also puts equal importance on contributing to the local community. Currently employing more than 300 people and undergoing multiple expansions since its establishment in 2002, CNA plays a large part in Lincolnton’s development. In 2017, CNA received the Industry of the Year Award from the Lincoln Economic Development Association in recognition of its corporate social responsibility activities.

“I believe that we have a give-and-take with the local community. A big part of CNA’s success is due to the great workforce present in the Lincoln area. We thank the community for its constant support in helping this company thrive,” Tamura said. 

Producing 10 million catalyst units per year, CNA is focused on improving its products further and ensuring its growth across North America. In producing 20 million catalysts annually, the Cataler group makes a significant contribution to clearing the air around the world.