AFL began as a joint venture between Tokyo-based Fujikura Ltd. and the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) in 1984 to manufacture fiber-optic ground wires for U.S. utility companies from its base in Duncan, South Carolina.

With the steady growth that came through the diversification of its products and services over two decades, Fujikura acquired full ownership of the company in 2005. 

Having just marked its 34th anniversary, AFL boasts a clientele that includes the country’s largest companies in the telecommunication, energy and enterprise sectors. Today, North America accounts for 70 percent of AFL’s business.

“AFL has developed a unique structure by combining the best parts of both Japanese and American business cultures. Now as a member of the board, I’m honored to be granted another opportunity in contributing to Fujikura’s success,” said President and CEO Jody Gallagher, who has been with the company since the start and is the first non-Japanese board member of Fujikura.

AFL Vice Chairman Satoru Ogawa underscored the importance of the company’s activities to Fujikura’s long-term future and expressed Gallagher’s ability to make that valuable contribution.

“Fujikura’s international presence is essential to the company’s growth. Our trust in Jody’s leadership shows how important these markets are to us,” Ogawa said. To ensure its long-term success, AFL is committed to providing innovative product solutions coupled with exceptional customer service and support.