The automotive industry is one of Austria’s most important sectors. Known as the “Detroit of the Alps,” the city of Graz has developed a strong automotive industry and continues to build on its reputation. 

Just over a decade ago, Agron Galimuna, CEO of Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems GmbH (Tri-Wall Austria) acquired a specialized multimaterial packaging plant located near the city Graz.

Today, Tri-Wall Austria of the Tri-Wall Group supplies complete knock-down, medium knock-down, semi-knock-down and free-flow constructive-packaging products and solutions for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors.

The combination of Tri-Wall Austria’s close proximity to Graz, Galimuna’s wealth of experience in the automotive industry and the company’s team of highly skilled engineers has enabled Tri-Wall Austria to win customers across Central and Eastern Europe.

“Although the size of our Austrian operations is relatively modest compared with other subsidiaries within the Tri-Wall Group, our team of skilled engineers offer high levels of expertise in custom automotive packaging and are a valuable asset to the group,” said Galimuna.

A year after Galimuna joined, the Tri-Wall Group was acquired by Japanese packaging giant Rengo Co. Ltd. 

“We hope to leverage our partnership with Rengo to build long-lasting relations with Japanese companies with operations in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Galimuna.

Moving forward, Tri-Wall Austria plans to harness new automation and digital technologies being driven by “Industry 4.0” to enhance productivity and better serve clients, while maintaining the company’s high-level production quality.

As an integral player within the group, Tri-Wall Austria will continue to deliver unique automotive packaging solutions founded on innovation, research and development.

“We have a deep appreciation for the Japanese work ethic,” said Galimuna. “Through continued Austria-Japan collaborations, we intend to learn more from one another and work closer together.”