In August 2018, Tokai University professor Noriaki Hirayama published an article on aromatherapy, citing the efficiency, efficacy and convenience of a new product called AromaStick.

 AromaSticks are natural inhalers that boost one’s mood and help in managing everyday stress. Unlike inhalers recommended for colds, the patented AromaStick inhaler delivers a blend of 100 percent organic, essential oils directly to the brain’s limbic system, which influences motivation, mood, hormonal balance and memory. Because of the direct link between the nose and the brain, the effects are almost immediate.

The patented AromaStick inhalers come in blends such as Calm, Focus, Energy, Balance, Relax and Refresh and are products of years of research and experiments.

“There is a lot of unreliable information and false claims surrounding aromatherapy, so we invested heavily into research conducted by independent experts in Europe following strict protocols,” shared AromaStick co-founder Nick Singer.

Thirteen studies involving over 700 individuals have been made thus far, eight of which have been peer reviewed and published in trusted academic publications around the world.

“The findings from our products exceeded all our expectations and show that the effects are not only psychological but also physiologically measurable,” explained Nick’s brother and co-founder Tim Singer.

Depending on the blend, stress-related biomarkers such as blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol are drastically reduced, or blood-oxygen levels are increased, enhancing well-being after a few inhalations.

AromaStick is manufactured entirely in Switzerland and proudly bears the Swiss mark of quality. The products were launched in September 2017 and are now sold in over 15 countries, including Japan, through trusted distribution partners.

“Japan is one of our most exciting markets at the moment,” said Nick. “We have built a very good relation with our distribution partner in Japan, MK Enterprise Inc., which has not only made our products available in several department stores, pharmacies and convenience stores, but also opened doors to potential collaborations extending to research and development, as well as product development.”

“There is a huge potential for the company to continue growing and we appreciate sharing the same values — such as diligence and an unrelenting adherence to quality — with our partners in Japan.”

AromaStick is distributed in stores and pharmacies such as Tokyu Hands, Aroma Bloom, Aeon Body, Beauty Library, Keio Department Store and Tanabe Pharmacy.