Jean-François Paroz, ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan: “In spite of a population of just 8.5 million and a territory about the size of Kyushu, Switzerland may well be called an economic powerhouse. It ranks among the world’s top 20 economies in terms of gross domestic product, as well as of merchandise and services trade, and is among the top 10 when it comes to foreign direct investment. Switzerland regularly occupies top spots in international rankings such as the Global Competitiveness Report and the Global Innovation Index. All this makes Switzerland an attractive business location and economic partner.”

Professor Rudolf Minsch, chief economist and deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Economiesuisse: “We have more interests with closer collaborations with the Japanese, especially with regards to direct investments. The Swiss economy is doing a great job investing in other countries like Japan.” 

Bernd Hoch, managing director, MM Automobile
Schweiz AG: “The Japanese and Swiss share a similar mentality in that we both appreciate the ideals of trust, honesty, hard work and traditional values. We have a strong cultural bond and a deep friendship is shared between our two countries which both sides are keen to nurture. Our historical relationship is founded on an appreciation for one another and this will continue as we strengthen our ties. The Switzerland-Japan Free Trade And Economic Partnership has bolstered trade and investment between Switzerland and Japan in the last 10 years. Imports and exports between our two nations have been gradually increasing and we are looking at more opportunities to strengthen our ties.”


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