Active in more than 80 countries, Kendris Ltd. has become a trusted provider of family office, trust management and fiduciary services. 

While the company delivers Swiss and international tax and legal advice, accounting, outsourcing and art management, for reasons of independence, Kendris does not provide traditional asset management services.

Working with ultra-high net worth individuals and private and corporate clients, Kendris delivers tailored solutions to help clients achieve their objectives. 

As one of Kendris’ largest markets, Japan plays an important role within the company. Having been traveling to Japan for over 25 years, Chief Executive Officer Christian Lyk and Chairman Adrian Escher recognize the importance of the market. The company’s Japan business is founded on quality-driven relationships and is supported by the company’s team in Switzerland. 

Kendris’ primary objective is to ensure international clients’ ownership structures are in good standing and compliant with local regulations worldwide. 

Developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Common Reporting Standard is a reporting standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) between tax authorities in over 100 jurisdictions.

Japan and Switzerland initiated their AEOI exchange agreement in January 2017. Since then, Kendris has been continuously ensuring disclosures under the AEOI are performed in a controlled and precise manner and updates clients at each stage of the reporting process. 

In order to respect clients’ privacy, Kendris developed an in-house AEOI platform that is compliant with global regulations, including those in Japan. Customer relationship management, accounting, due diligence and reporting systems are incorporated in Kendris’ AEOI platform to reduce clients’ compliance costs.

Kendris’ regulatory team analyzes the impact of AEOI for foreign individuals holding offshore or Swiss corporate structures and optimizes structures to ensure, where possible, that the reporting is meaningful to clients, tax advisers and local tax authorities. 

Kendris pre-notifies clients of upcoming submissions well in advance of reporting deadlines to ensure clients are able to discuss matters with their advisers and be better informed.