“Cross-border mergers and acquisitions often lead to unexpected organizational challenges,” said Peter Sorg, partner with EurAsia Competence AG.

“While companies take into account financial, legal, technology and intellectual property due diligence requirements, the cultural dimension also needs to be addressed for organizations to succeed in a transformation process,” he said.

As a leading consultancy boutique for management services, EurAsia Competence provides unique and proprietary cultural due diligence. The firm helps European and Asian clients working in culturally different environments to master the manifold challenges in cross-border and cross-cultural business transactions. The aim is to create high-performance organizations after mergers and acquisitions. To do so, EurAsia Competence works in partnership with government and nongovernment institutions and private enterprises in both Europe and Asia. The firm’s services franchise consists of hands-on strategic and operational support to the top management of internationally expanding organizations.

The approach of EurAsia Competence is based on a comparative theory of culture. The theory provides the background to understand cultural differences beyond empirical and generic generalizations. 

Based on this pioneering work, EurAsia Competence built its proprietary “culture grid.” The tool forms the base for services in the field of cultural due diligence. The theoretical base of the tool allows a clear differentiation between strategic and organizational development in all corresponding fields of leadership and management. Tailor-made solutions will allow us to inform, train and, if demanded, coach boards and executive teams, as well as management and employees on lower company levels. 

EurAsia Competence has established an extensive partner network and has close connections with Swiss and Japanese institutions to source talent and competencies during projects.

“Company culture, while based on a firm’s country of origin in the context of its global expansion plans, requires constant alignment of cross-cultural elements and values throughout the organization to deliver on respective targets and objectives,” said Sorg.

“We help Japanese firms expanding across Europe and provide our services to European firms that are in the process of expanding their presence in Asia. Our unique approach to understanding the decision-making processes across cultures enables our clients to communicate more effectively, optimize the company’s performance and ultimately raise their bottom lines.”

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