Cooling solutions are a necessity in the United Arab Emirates, where average maximum temperatures can reach above 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in July and August. 

Fujitsu General (Middle East) is recognized as the pioneering air-conditioning manufacturer in the UAE and the company is the market leader in both private and business segments.

The business started in the UAE in the early 1970s with a sales force and local distribution. Economic growth in the country led to the dramatic expansion of the demand of air conditioning.

In 1998 Fujitsu General (Middle East) established its regional headquarters in Dubai to better serve clients, partners and distributors in the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

“The harsh weather conditions in the UAE make it one of the most challenging markets for air conditioning manufacturers. When we first entered the market, our units were more powerful and reliable than our competitors and we became one of the few brands with products that were successfully able to combat the extreme heat and humidity,” said Junji Yanagimoto, chairman of Fujitsu General (Middle East). 

“Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision for the UAE, which has been successfully implemented by his successors, has allowed foreign companies to benefit from the country’s safe society and business-friendly environment. Therefore, the decision to establish the company’s regional headquarters in the UAE 20 years ago was an easy one,” said Yanagimoto.

With the UAE as a central hub for their regional expansion, Yanagimoto intends to grow the company’s market share in other countries across the region.

“We see a great deal of potential in neighboring developing countries and we believe we can be successful in these markets,” said Yanagimoto.

“The most important challenge is to build brand awareness of Fujitsu General, as these markets are less mature than that of the UAE. Customers across the region will benefit greatly from Fujitsu General’s innovative, reliable and energy-efficient units.”