Hitachi Transport System Ltd. (HTS) provides customers across the globe with industry-leading services such as third party logistics, heavy transport and freight forwarding and smart solutions called Smart Logistics. 

As the group expands its global network, HTS is strengthening its commitment to the United Arab Emirates and expanding its network to include emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa.

HTS initially played a role in the economic development of the UAE when the government collaborated with Japanese companies on large-scale infrastructure and construction projects, such as power plants, highways and public transportation systems. 

As the first Japanese logistics company to establish a presence in the country, HTS provided logistics solutions to Japanese companies importing and transporting machinery, materials and large-scale industrial units. The company partnered with Hitachi to import train carriages for Dubai’s monorail project.

“We are proud of the contributions we have made and continue to make to the development of this great country,” said Atsushi Kanda, HTS chief representative.

Today, HTS has a diverse client base and serves local, international and Japanese clients in the UAE and across the region. 

A long-term partnership with Al Mohairaby International Freight LLC, one of the largest logistics companies in the UAE, and the opening of the new FLYJAC Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (HTS’ Indian subsidiary) branch in Dubai have strengthened HTS’ reputation as a full-service logistics provider.

“Our partnerships enable us to create synergies in every aspect of our business and to maximize and expand our capabilities,” said Kanda.

Kanda intends to build on HTS’ reputation in the UAE and believes HTS is well-placed to work closely with customers in Middle Eastern and African markets.

“Having successfully established a strong foundation in the UAE, we aim to move forward and deliver our services to customers in exciting, new markets,” concluded Kanda.