Next year, Torishima Pump Manufacturing Co. Ltd. will celebrate its centennial anniversary. The company’s high-tech pumps, projects, services and renewable energy and environmental solutions have gained international recognition. 

Global demand for pumps, rotating machinery and oil field equipment services led Torishima to establish three regional head offices in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

“In Dubai, we have grown the business significantly and continue to expand our services,” said Alister Flett, managing director of Torishima Service Solutions FZCO. “We have grown from an initial team of six people to a diverse company with over 130 employees.”

Prior to the global expansion, overseas markets accounted for a small fraction of Torishima’s business. Today, the majority of the company’s business is done outside Japan and Middle Eastern markets are becoming increasingly important.

“Our goal is to bring Torishima to the Middle East and we have successfully combined our highly skilled workforce with the Japanese values we hold dear,” said Flett. 

In the United Arab Emirates, Torishima Service Solutions FZCO provides services and solutions for water treatment facilities, power plants and oil and gas field projects.

“As a Japanese company, we place great importance on our long-term client relations,” said Flett. “Our clients demand high-quality products and we collaborate closely with our partners to provide quality after-sales services and support.”

To meet increasing demand, the company is expanding its factory in the United Arab Emirates by 50 percent and establishing new offices across the region.

“Our regional headquarters will remain here in the United Arab Emirates as we expand across the Middle East,” said Flett. “We operate in a knowledge-based industry and rely on highly skilled people to develop our business. The United Arab Emirates provides a very comfortable, free and safe working environment that will enable us to continue to attract and retain the best talent from around the world.”