Next year sees Shimadzu Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. celebrating 30 years in Singapore. The company is the leading provider of analytical equipment, testing machines, balances and medical equipment to research institutions, universities and chemical manufacturers.

“By focusing on quality and after-sales services, we have become the leading analytical and testing equipment manufacturer in Asia,” said Managing Director Tetsuya Tanigaki.

“We have built strong relationships with our clients and continue to innovate and provide the highest-quality advanced equipment.”

The Singapore office was the first location Shimadzu established in Southeast Asia and today, the company also has offices in India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

While the company’s customer bases in countries such as India and Malaysia have grown dramatically, Singapore remains Shimadzu’s regional headquarters and main business hub for the region.

“Geographically, we are located in the very heart of the Asian region,” said Tanigaki. “This is an advantage for us as we conduct business across Asian markets.”

“The talent pool in Singapore is a huge plus and a few years ago, we established our Shimadzu Innovation Center, one of four Shimadzu research centers outside of Japan. Our research and development team here in Singapore collaborates very closely with our counterparts in Japan.”

As the company continues to implement its growth strategy across the Asian region, Tanigaki recognizes the importance of localization.

“The Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets are very different. It is important for us to implement our regional marketing and branding strategies from Singapore,” said Tanigaki.

“Singapore’s strength also lies in its cultural diversity. If we can understand the needs of the local market, then we can better understand the regional markets in which we are doing business. Our customers understand that we act as a local company and will continue to play for the home-team as we develop our business in Singapore and across the region.”