Japanese based Meisei group established Meisei & Co. Ltd. in Singapore in 1976, and has grown its business ever since.

Originally a trader in raw materials, chemical products, synthetic resins, electronic materials and components, Meisei & Co. has expanded into health care, elderly care, supplements and beauty products, and is capitalizing on growing local demand, while building on its brand reputation.

The company recently opened its first retail store in Singapore’s famous Takashimaya Shopping Centre on Orchard Road. Today, Meisei & Co.’s flagship store Healthy Port specializes in new product lines imported from Japan.

“In Japan, stores such as Healthy Port are relatively common compared with Singapore where such products can only be purchased online,” said Meisei & Co. Managing Director Mike Kataoka. 

“We found a niche in the market that we decided to explore and have successfully developed our business.”

Japan is addressing issues related to its aging population. 

“Japanese companies are developing a wide range of products to improve the quality of life of the elderly by making them more comfortable, mobile and flexible,” said Kataoka.

It is predicted by 2030, a quarter of Singapore’s population will be aged 65 and over — a figure very similar to that of Japan’s demographic today. 

One of the leading products Kataoka has introduced to the market is the Geltron gel range of mattresses, pillows and cushions. These utilize the Japan-developed and patented Geltron ‘block-technology,’ which boasts functionality and superior support.

“We have supplied our Geltron mattresses to several hospitals and nursing homes in Singapore and have received very positive feedback,” said Kataoka.

The technology delivers support and breathability and encourages blood flow, which is essential for the elderly or infirm.

“Geltron products are available at Healthy Port and we are actively strengthening consumers’ brand-awareness of these exciting new products,” concluded Kataoka. “In the years to come, as Singapore faces the challenges of an aging population, we fully intend to supply our products to an increasing number of nursing homes and hospitals across Singapore to benefit people’s lives.”