“The Japanese market is important for us,” said Pablo Rubio Ordás, CEO and founder of branding and digital agency Erretres.

“In 2013 we made a strategic decision to work with Asian clients, specifically in Japan, and help Japanese companies compete internationally. We executed hands-on research to extract valuable insights when we worked with EKO Instruments and SIDO.”

“After initiating a rebranding for EKO Instruments to redefine the company’s values, reposition the brand globally and encourage international expansion, their business grew by 80 percent in Europe. For SIDO, we delivered rebranding and repackaging solutions that led to the company successfully reaching a younger demographic.”

“We also worked with Hitachi Spain to develop publishing and communication solutions for their air conditioning division and with NTT Data, through Everis, to create a strategy, branding initiative and website for their new international consultancy agency.”

“Communication in Japan often focuses on the functional benefits of the products rather than the ‘human factor.’ Through our expertise, we balance out the functionality and emotion to create designs with impact. We launched a series of events ‘Japanese Technology Meets Spanish Design,’ one of which was incorporated into the latest ‘Erretres Open Lab’ (EOL), a platform for professionals to discuss and synthesize great ideas.”

“We have held several conferences in Japan in the past, and our first international EOL event was held in Tokyo in September. We have also been communicating in Japanese through our website and social media platforms. We intend to accelerate our activities in the Japanese market and share our exciting adventures in Japan,” Ordás said.