What started off as a small company providing quality assurance and localization services in 2009 has grown to be one of the key European companies providing first-class services for the video game industry.

QLOC S.A. currently employs over  350 people in their offices in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Moscow, offering a full suite of services for game developers and publishers to enter new markets and make use of innovative platforms, from quality assurance and translations to porting and remastering the largest video game brands loved by millions of players.

Within their first year of establishment, QLOC was contracted by Capcom Co. Ltd., the leading global game developer and publisher from Japan, to prepare a PC version of their best-selling game “Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.”

“This was the real beginning of QLOC,” said the company’s President of the Board Adam Piesiak.

“We brought together a team of very skilled developers and formed a Japan relations department around the project. We became recognized for delivering high-quality porting and eventually for remastering and co-development projects.”

“Today, more than 50 percent of our development projects come from Japan,” shared the company’s Business Development Director and Vice President, Paweł Ziajka.

“Our latest and largest project to date, “Dark Souls Remastered,” is a critically acclaimed game created by Japan’s FromSoftware and published by Bandai-Namco. We are honored to have created a remastered version of this cult classic,” added Ziajka.

QLOC has co-developed “Street Fighter 4 Ultra” for PC, Play Station 3, Xbox, Xbox360 and Taito machines with Capcom. Clients are also engaging QLOC to prepare games for Nintendo Switch.

“Cooperation with our clients in Japan is smooth as it is handled by native Japanese employees in QLOC,” added Piesiak.

Just 10 years since its establishment, QLOC plans to expand its global presence with offices in the United States and in Japan by early 2020.

“The Japanese market is very important to us. We are opening an office in Tokyo to be closer to our clients and we look forward to providing them with our first-class service and support,” concluded Piesiak.